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Towel warmers in Barnet, N12-EN4

Towel warmers in Barnet, N12-EN4


Towel warmers in Barnet, N12-EN4

Do you know that a towel warmer can do much more than warming your towel? As the name suggests, that is what it does. However, you will be surprised to know the fact that a towel warmer has a range of uses. At Empress bathrooms, get your hands on the best quality towel warmers at affordable rates in Barnet.

Where to install a towel warmer?

A towel warmer consists of a number of bars in which users can hang a towel or any piece of cloth. Making a choice regarding the installation depends upon your home and your needs. If you have a bath tub or a shower and an empty wall in your bathroom, then you can get a tower warmer fixed! You can also install it if you have a laundry room, pool or mud room. Hence, you may set wet towels, coats and clothes on towel warmer on a rainy or cold day!

Benefits of towel warmer:

  • Organizing towels:
Both, the wall-mounted and free-standing, serve the purpose. Both of them have heated bars that can also be used to only hang and organize the towel when warmer is not in use.
  • Warming the bathroom:
Towel warmers can not replace heaters. However, heat energy from warmer’s bars can keep the bathroom warmer than usual. It regulates the heat and moisture preventing the bathroom from getting too damp.
  • Modern look:
An addition of towel warmer can add a lot to your bathroom’s look. Moreover, it delivers a modern spa-like feel that you would love!
  • Swim suit, coats, towels and clothes dryer:
You really wish for warm clothes when it is cold and you need to step outside! Apart from keeping the clothes dry, towel warmers are very reliable for warming swim suits if you are in a hurry and it is not sunny at all!
Towel warmer is a great investment because it has a lot of benefits, but consumes very low energy. So, what are you waiting for?

Visit our website to check the range of towel warmers available. Our website is highly user-friendly that allows the users to do a search according to their needs and favorite brands. Place an order or give us a call at 020 8346 6669. Drop by our showroom because towel warmers are worth it!


Bath shower screens in Whetstone, N20

Bath shower screens in Whetstone, N20

Bath shower screens in Whetstone, N20

Do you love to take shower, but hate the way it floods your bathroom with splashes? Is a shower bath causing trouble for you? Do you dislike messy shower curtains? If you do, bath shower screens are the perfect solution to your problem. Hence, a bath shower screen is as essential as a good bath is. At Empress bathrooms, we have a range of screens at affordable prices that can be a beautiful addition to your shower baths!

How do bath shower screens work?

They are glass panels of varying thickness that are fixed to the wall between your bath and shower setup. Moreover, they can be single panel, double panel or folding.

  • Single panel consists of a single pane of glass which is moved via a hinge. This is great for a minimalist style!
  • Double panel works just like shower door, but is more efficient and preferable if you own a long bathtub.
  • The latest ones are folding screens that can be folded into a narrow strip when not in use. This is a great option for a tidier look!

Benefits of bath shower screens:

  • Easy to clean:

The glass screen neither stain nor stink unlike curtains or metal screens. You can easily clean them at your convenience.

  • Attractive option:

Bath shower screens take up lesser space and look trendy. Additionally, these screens are available with a range of artistic patterns that make them even more beautiful!

  • Durable:

The glass used for screens undergoes a strengthening treatment. Therefore, this glass is scratch and damage resistant. However, a lack of maintenance can affect its life.
A bathroom should be a place where you can relax and refresh yourself after a tiring day! A dark and untidy bathroom does not serve the purpose. Therefore, choose bath shower screens according to your taste and give your bathroom a new refreshing look!

Visit our website to know more about us! Have a look at the variety that we offer. Our website is highly user friendly that allows the users to do a search according to their needs and favorite brand. Place an order or give us a call at 020 8346 6669to discuss any query. Drop by our show room for a friendly service! 



Grohe bathroom accessories in Finchley, N12

Grohe bathroom accessories in Finchley, N12

Are you looking for Grohe bathroom accessories in Finchley, N12?

Do you want to spruce up your plain bathroom to something that adds beauty and efficiency? A right choice of bathroom accessories can do this for you! Never underestimate small things because they may bring about a huge change. Empress Bathrooms is the perfect place to get your hands on bathroom accessories.

We have the products from more than 30 brands in our stock including Grohe, the world's leading brand in sanitary fittings. Grohe provides diversity and quality, so what are you waiting for?

Grohe is highly popular for its creative and innovative approach towards bathroom taps and shower heads. At Empress Bathrooms, grab your favorite Grohe bathroom accessories.

The following bathroom accessories are available at Empress Bathrooms:
  • Bench : an addition of bench in your bathroom can provide added storage, convenience and style.

  • Handle and brackets : elegant and well designed brackets enhance the look!

  • Glass shelf : a spacious accessory for storage and holding items

  • Filter : when you are so careful about your drinking water then why not for bathing water too? Filters are water softeners crucial for your hair and skin health.

  • Stool and rail : get them for seniors! These will ease their bathroom experience.

  • Taps : we have innovative and high quality taps from the top brands at Empress.

  • Showers : select from our range of showers with varying functionalities catering different needs.

Would you like to have a luxurious bathroom? You can rely on Empress Bathrooms, one of the leading bathroom accessories provider in London. The 30 years experience and a large number of customers all across UK speak of the quality we deliver.

To reach us is as easy as it can get. Visit our website and have a look at the menu. Choose what you are looking for. You may also check the brands' list to find out the one that is your favorite. Go through the products and you are done! Just keep adding in cart to shop.

You may also drop by our showroom or call us for a helpful suggestion.


Bathroom Furniture in Hampstead, NW3

Bathroom Furniture in Hampstead, NW3

Are you looking for Bathroom Furniture in Hampstead, NW3 - N2??

Have you ever realized how your bathroom is ignored while beautifying the house? Do not let your bathroom lag behind! It should be as elite as your house is. Empress Bathrooms has a lot in their stock to offer you! We are available all over UK with our main showroom in Finchley, North London.
A right choice of furniture is all you need to enhance a room's overall look; it is possible only if you have a plethora of options to choose from.
At Empress Bathrooms, we have a range of:
  • Basins from classic to contemporary - get the one that suits you best. Classic will be your choice if you have enough space whereas wall bearing basins will be an attractive and spacious addition to your bathroom.
  • Single, double and triple mirror cabinets - your must haves if you are looking for something stylish and useful. It is great for storing tiny things that you will probably lose in a cupboard!
  • Storage cabinets - we have wall hung and floor standing cabinets in different sizes and designs. Wall hung storage cabinets are perfect to furnish small bathrooms as they create an illusion of more space.
  • Vanity units - go for it if you want to have something with dual benefits. It gives an additional storage along with a basin.
  • WC units - we have a wide range of toilet units designed to cover less space and adds to the modern furnishing of your bathroom.
Do you wish to spice up your bathroom?

Empress Bathrooms is a one-stop showroom for all your needs. We have a top-notch stock from the best designers and brands. Make a choice according to your taste, convenience and color scheme. You are good to go then!

We are easily accessible. You just need to visit our user-friendly website. Choose what you are looking for from the navigation. You may also check the brands' list for your favorite brand. Add whatever you like to the cart, and it is done!

You may also call us or drop by our showroom for a splendid experience.


Hansgrohe Bathroom Accessories in Central London, N3 2HY

Hansgrohe Bathroom Accessories in Central London, N3 2HY

Empress Bathrooms is one of the leading bathroom accessories providers in London. We have over 30 years’ experience at providing high quality bathroom accessories at our independent centers all over UK and at our main showroom in Finchley, North London. We take pride in delivering branded and designer bathroom accessories to our valuable customers. One of our branded accessories includes Hansgrohe Bathroom Accessories.

Hansgrohe Bathroom Accessories allows you to have elite bathing experience. Hansgrohe accessories come in diversity of options and designs. You can find any designer bathroom accessory here, be it shower heads or simply taps. Moreover, Hangshore premium quality bath accessories make your average looking bathroom a piece of art. Their award winning designs and immense popularity in public is a proof of their unmatched quality.  

Although, Hansgrohe bathroom accessories have no match, their shower collection is truly mesmerizing. With modern designs and creative approach of Hansgrohe, Empress Bathrooms provides you high end bath accessories in London.

Why choose Empress Bathrooms in Hansgrohe Bathroom Accessories in Central London, N3 2HY?

Empress Bathrooms understands that premium quality bathing experience is mandatory these days. While other parts of your house look like a palace, Empress Bathrooms believes bathroom should never be ignored. Therefore, we present you beautiful accessories designed by top notch designers and Hangshore. Designers at Hansgrohe use modern theory and elite approach to make sure your bathroom is not left behind.

You can get more information about premium quality Bathroom Accessories at Empress Bathrooms website. Meanwhile, visit our Facebook page and get to know about further insights of Empress Bathroom. You can also give our friendly customer representative a Call on 020 8346 6669 or write us an email. One of our team members will get back to you within short passage of time. Our customer care team will arrange your appointment or you can visit our independent stores in UK. Moreover, you can also pay a visit at our showroom in Finchely, North London. Happy Shopping!


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